Team C Square is ecstatic to announce their latest office in ABU DHABI


headquartered in Singapore with more than 20 affiliations across the globe. Team C Square is ecstatic to announce their latest office in ABU DHABI. From Asia to Africa, Europe to the Middle East, together with partner company OP3 Global, we are committed in carrying your brand across the world in events and exhibitions with a creatively sharpened innovative edge. With a respectable global presence, and the provision of one-stop services, ranging from conceptualizing to onsite management, we have been the creative solution for many local and international companies.

Among our illustrious repertoire, providing creative solutions for all exhibition and event requirements is just part of what we do best. Apart from providing custom-built exhibition and event stands, a dedicated member of our team will be assigned to help you meet your requirements from start to finish. The provision of creative design solutions from a team of competent designers is another of what we’re really good at. Event designs and branding are just two of the main solutions we provide.


is a global design company with proven expertise in managing world class exhibitions, events, interior designs, and representation services for a worldwide client base. With a supportive team and effective partnerships, and benefiting from our global network of experienced professionals, OP3 combines design expertise with outstanding project management. A testimony to this is our impressive track record of more than twenty years in a very challenging business environment.